Where can I get the latest VFRUN?

Where can I get the latest VFRUN?

The CD I have is for v6.5

Is there a later ver than VFRUN650I?
If so where can I get it?

thanks, in adv.


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The latest version is always at http://www.compaq.com/fortran/visual/redist.html


Steve - Intel Developer Support

I tried this download but on running it I get the error
general protection Fault relating to something called ISSET_SE.

Every time I run it get a slightly differen error string.


Tx, TimH


Your problem is probably caused by running an old version of Norton AntiVirus. You can get around it by temporarily disabling NAV while you do the install. Versions of NAV released in 2000 and later don't seem to have this problem.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

That particular PC is new and does not even have Norton-AV on it.

It is only running win2000pro.

Could there anything else?


Not that I know of. Try downloading a fresh copy. The only case where I've seen that error the culprit was an old version of NAV.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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