HELP! Linker error

HELP! Linker error


I am trying to port this "ancient" fortran 66 program, from an ibm mainframe to a pc. It compiled! almost w/o problems, but on linking it gave this error "Agstdrn.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _FMOVE@16" and nothing else to go on...

I am probably still have i/o errors later on, since the input environment is completely different, but at this point I don't know where else to look!!
Thank you
Daniel Blejer

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Search your code file a call to FMOVE. It may have been a proprietary intrinsic or system call on the old system. From the context of the code you can hopefully tell what it was doing.

One possibility is FMOVE stands for "file move", in which case you may be able to replace it for example with Win32's MoveFile, that is a guess though.


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