allocatable huge

allocatable huge

Hi everyone,

I am trying to recompile a very old Fortran source code by using Compaq Visual Fortran 6.1A. I think it was compiled with Microsoft PowerFortran before in 16 bits. I am trying to compile it in 32 bits.

In the code, there is an ALLOCATABLE declaration with a "HUGE" parameter. Looks like the following:

integer*1 izel[ALLOCATABLE,HUGE](:)

The CVF gives me the following warning:

"Warning: This attribute is not supported in the DEC$ ATTRIBUTES directive. [HUGE]"

I read somewhere that if the array is larger tyhan 64MB in size, the HUGE paramater is necessary. I know that the size of the array will be larger than 64 MB.

Does anybody have any suggestions regarding this issue? (As well as the 32 bit conversion from 16 bits in general..)

Any help is appreciated.



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Remove the HUGE - you don't need it with CVF. That was for DOS.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks, that is what I thought also...

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