Optimized Compile for Fast Execution

Optimized Compile for Fast Execution

I am trying to create an executable of a short test program that carries out an exponential arithmetic over a very large number of loops. The purpose is to test the speed of execution of the Compaq compiler. Initial results using optimized settings seem to indicate that this ompiler created executable is about 1.6 times slower than the Lahey LF95 compiler. However, I have seen an article that implies that the Compaq compiler created executable should improve in speed if I used the following setings:

df %1 /fast/opt:5/link/stack:64000000

The question is - How to use these settings in the Visual Fortran window

Replies would be greatly appreciated

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Para obtener más información sobre las optimizaciones del compilador, consulte el aviso sobre la optimización.

Ignore the /link/stack switches - they don't affect performance. I gather you were looking at the Polyhedron site.

Project..Settings..Fortran..General. Set optimization level to "Maximum Optimizations" - that's /opt:5. Then go to the Optimization section of the settings and check the box "Generate most optimal code" (/fast).


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