how loading file to memory and execute it?

how loading file to memory and execute it?

as part of my project i need to do this:
i have an original.exe file that i divided to 2 part:a- main.dat (big part) b-rest.dat (smaller part)
rest.dat is encrypted.
in part of my project i want to load main.dat to memory and then decrypt and add rest.dat to it.
i mean my program must make original.exe in memory.
then i want to run this original.exe from memory.

is it possible? how i can code this in visual fortran?

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Sure, anything is possible, but not necessarily easy. Usually this sort of thing could be done another way. Note that if your reason for only rendering the executable in memory is for security purposes, just being in memory doesn't make it secure, just a little more obtuse.

Another way might include generating a dll instead and just keeping it around for long enough to do whatever you need to get done.


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