GCC compiler for running MIC applications

GCC compiler for running MIC applications

Hello!The readme.txt file says Intel only recommends using the GCC compiler for build host and target tools, however for running applications within of MIC only recommends to use the Composer XE Intel suit.Is this only a recommendation otherwise is a must? The Intel Composer XE suit is not freely available, only30 day evaluation versions.Do you know if GCC will be a suitable compiler for MIC applications otherwise Intel only will support the propietary Intel compilers?Thank you for your answers!

Javi Roman
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Ok, the section "GCC: the basics are in" in thehttp://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2012/06/05/knights-corner-open-source-software-stack/blog entry answer my question, the key point here is the verctor instruction support.Many thanks.

Javi Roman

Is any compiler or assembler available with support for the knights corner vector instructions? The Parallel Studio XE 2013 beta is no longer available.



you might want to look into the MPSS packages (KNC_alpha2-2.1.3126) you can get here:

They contain the GNU assembler (AFAIK: source only) which has been extended by the K1OM (Intel MIC) architecture. After unpacking take a look at the "binutils" package in "src".

In just a few weeks (beginning September) we'll launch Intel Composer XE 2013 with Intel MIC support.

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

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