License SDK

License SDK

In our company we would like to install and use Intel MCA SDK on PC`s and then use written apps on MCA tablets. This apps we would like to sell to our clients.

But in license here:*&ProductID=2854

there are only 3 options like:
-network administrator
-single user
-original equipment manufacturer

but we didnt create hardware - only software to available mca tablets, we are not a single users - its a company, and we are not a network administrator at all - because we

will install in on pc`s and then we would like to sell apps.

Did I miss something about that license, or get it in wrong way?

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Hi Jbkjbk,

The usage model you describe is exactly how the MCA is intended to be used. There would not be a license violation if I understand your scenario.

Intel provides the MCA platform driver to hardware OEMs, which can then be used to run different software applications from multiple software developers. The MCA SDK is provided for software developers to design and build their software on a PC which emulates a hardware tablet that has the MCA platform driver installed. The application the software developer designs for use on hardware that has the MCA platform driver installed does not fall under the Intel license agreement.


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