Problem when using profile-guided optimization

Problem when using profile-guided optimization

Hi everyone, I'm using the lastest ifort 12.1.5 and I'm tesing the pgo (profile-guided optimization) feature, but encoutered problems.
Here's my program, a quite simple hello world:

program main

    print *, "hello"

end program main

then i compile it like this:

ifort -prof-gen hello.f90

then I run the program


and then compile it again:

ifort -prof-use hello.f90

but I got the following error message:

/tmp/hello.f90(1): warning #11507: Value profiling mismatch for 'MAIN__'.

Does anyone know why? did I miss something?


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Looks strange. Since this is specific to the compiler, I suggest that you ask in the Intel Fortran Compiler forum. I'm sure that they can help you there.

Thank you!
I'll try to post this question there to see if anyone konws. :)

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