Connect more than one camera to the FPGA

Connect more than one camera to the FPGA

Hi, in one of the training resources which is presented there is one example named "Traffic Flow Control" where they connected more than one camera to the FPGA. My question is how we can connect more than one camera if the board only has one analog input?Best Regards,

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No ideas?Cheers,

Can ZLG please give some suggestions?Maybe connecting a USB camera to the board?

Well, yes, that could be one option, but we want to use the FPGA to do some image processing with the images.

ESDC board is a development board, not the product board.Extend the functionality of the camera, the easiest way is to use a USB camera to camera to connect to the FPGA, the FPGA leads the digital pins, the peripheral circuit module camera requires students to build their own.The SAA7113 chip with the input function of the 4-channel module, plate-type limited not lead to more analog channels.

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