clGetMemObjectInfo bug in SDK 2012

clGetMemObjectInfo bug in SDK 2012

I'm encountering the following problem when calling clGetMemObjectInfo.
According to spec from
I should be able to call the function like this:size_t size;cl_int err = clGetMemObjectInfo(memobj, param_name, 0, NULL, &size);assert(err == CL_SUCCESS);and get back the size of the return parameter in size [granted this does not make sense for this function where all objects returned have a size which is compile-time known, but this is for uniformity's sake].Intel's implementation always returns CL_INVALID_VALUE, contrary to the spec (param_value is NULL).
Further calls (i'm doing this first call as a safeguard) with effective size and destination pointers actually set do not exhibit the problem, so i'm pretty sure it's not an issue of param_name or memobj being incorrect. Other OpenCL implementations (AMD, Nvidia) are working as expected.Kind regards,

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Hi JB,

Thanks for posting the issue. Indeed there seems to be a difference in Intel's implementation compared to (at least) Nvidia. It looks like a bug and Iwill get back to you when a fix will be available.


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