setting up the environment for analysis

setting up the environment for analysis

Hello Everyone,

Currently I am doing some Hotspot and general exploration analysis for my algorithms. I am facing a problem that my results are not consistent for the same set of inputs also. I am taking an educated guess that the Envionment is not controlled to give me consistent results. Above that i am using windows. I would be great if someone could suggest me how should i setup my environment for the anaylsis to atleast gain some consistent results.


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Using Project Properties->Target->Inherit system environment variables, it indicates that all environments can be inherited from the system. And the user can add new items (Variables/Values) by using "User-defined environment variables:"However all your settings can be used for any analysis, including Hotspots and General-exploration analysis.My opinion is to run application in Command Prompt first, check if it works under your expectation. Then run amplxe-gui, all system environments will be inherited in all analysis.Regards, Peter

Thanks a lot sir.

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