Where is OpenCL for applications 2012?

Where is OpenCL for applications 2012?

This video on Intel site http://software.intel.com/en-us/videos/channel/visual-computing/new-inte...
announces new OpenCL sdk on www.intel.com/software/opencl with HD4000 support.

Unfortunately, only old SDK 1.5 is available on this location.

Where can I find new one for my new i7-3770K ordered today?

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Thanks for the interest, we will update the site soon with more news and updatesThanks,- Arnon

We are interested to test the new OpenCLSDK 2012.
I subsribed to this thread to get any news.
Hoping download is comming soon.


Available for youRegards, Arnon

Was the response saying "available to you" to an individual, or, is there a link here that I am missing. YON - recycled newbie

The download worked.
I used intel_sdk_for_ocl_applications_2012_x64_setup
Installation completed, previous version automatic deinstalled.
Now we can test..
Thanks for the quick response

Regards _heinz

You can download it here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/vcsource-tools-opencl-sdk/
On the upper right corner you can select the version, then click Download


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