Looking for guidance on how to diagnose GPU memory problem

Looking for guidance on how to diagnose GPU memory problem

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Hi All.

I was directed to these forums by Josh Doss (via Twitter - thanks Josh).

I have a problem which I haven't been able to resolve.

I amhaving a problem when running a WPF (.Net 4.0) application onIntel embedded HD Graphics whereby the GPU hardware memory isn't flushing. When all the memory has been consumed, the UI freezes (even though the UI thread is completely unaware). If left to continue operating, eventually the operating system (XP Pro) is completely unresponsive.

I have noticed other people reporting the exact same issues over on the communities forums but no-one from Intel seems to have an answer.

I'd really like to know:

1. Is there a way to read the amount of GPU memory utilised from the .NET Framework?
2. Can I force the GPU memory to flush?


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Hi Ben,

The probem isnt clearly produced, it would be help a lot to produce some specific details about the operating environment.

Also, you can have extended information about your intel HD graphics performance using Intel Graphics Preformance Analyzer.


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