Cloud Computing Via Virtualization

Cloud Computing Via Virtualization

Dear Friends,
Now a Days Cloud Computing takes a lead in IT industry. We all Knows How Cloud Works.
First We need to setup one server that creats main node or cluster (Master) and Others are Supporting Node.
I have some idea about Infrastructure as a service via Ubuntu server.

IaaS we have some Actual Processors and Chunks of Hardware but Through
Virtualization We can Create a Node. And Friend If You have any Idea
About Clusters,Nodes and Virtual Server than You can Post Here.

Now a days i m developing Cluster Monitoring System.

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What are your ideas on Cloud Computing and can you share them here?
Thanks, -Thai

I think VMware's vsphere and ESX server are best for what you are trying to do. You do know it will require a very powerful server[s] but virtualization will make it an affordable solution. POS Software

Hi, VirtualBox or VirtualPC are option for virtualizer.

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