Directx SDK Install error S1023

Directx SDK Install error S1023

Hello, I just tried to install the
June 2010 Directx SDK, it installed to C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft DirectX
SDK (June 2010). After installation, I get this error ( I tried to run the installer as admin and I also disabled
my Anti-virus, and I still get that error.

I want to start doing things like
in this video, ( So I installed what he had, and said to install.

Also, I used Google to look up the
error code that I got, and I tried what I could, and nothing worked.

My system specs are:

OS: Windoes 7 X64 Home PremiumCpu: Intel Pentium T4300 (Duel Core @ 2.10 GHZ)Ram: 4.0 GBGraphics: Intel GMA 4500MHard Drive: 300 GBAny help is greatly appreciated.


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This isn't a Havok related problem. The error is telling you that it couldn't install the latest DirectX (forget about SDK, just the regular directx) Typical cause for this could include:

  1. Computer virus
  2. Some app running in the background that uses DirectX (either graphics, sound, etc) refuses to close.
  3. Registry corruption

A quick google on the error code shows it may be related to uninstalling VC2010 SP1 redist, install DX SDK, and then reinstall the VC2010 redist:

Edit: Formatting your PC is also an (harsh) option.

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