Web API's are not working

Web API's are not working


I still get following error message when I try the Web APIs like CPU etc on our Intel Web APIs:
CPU Web API status:
IntelWebAPIs,init success,connector version,0.6.p-versionfile
install progress: Downloading Installer's registry signature:
install progress: Downloading Installer's registry:
IntelWebAPIs install progress: Verifying Installer's registry
IntelWebAPIs CPU API install failure,JSON registry failed verification

I have tested the APIs under Firefox 3.5.x, 3.6.x and also under Safari 4.0. The Connector Setup is installed correctly but I don't get any APIs running.

Do you have any tips?

Thank you for your support and your feedback

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You're not alone blindi, I'm experiencing the same problems.
Any help would be appriciated

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