Intel PCM - When I press Ctrl+C, pcm.x is blocked.

Intel PCM - When I press Ctrl+C, pcm.x is blocked.

I use PCM Version 1.7.
When the screen display "Alternatively you can try to reset PMU configuration at your own risk. Try to reset? (y/n)", unexpected, I press Ctrl+C, and then it block.
I tracked it. The reason is the function sem_wait(numInstancesSemaphore) (cpucounters.cpp:1269).

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thanks for reporting this.

We did not expect users pressing Ctrl-C when asked for "y/n". To handle this situation please add these lines into cpucounters.cpp just above this sem_wait call:

+    int oldValue = -1;
+    sem_getvalue(numInstancesSemaphore, &oldValue);
+    if(oldValue == 0) return false;
     int curValue = -1;
     sem_getvalue(numInstancesSemaphore, &curValue);

ifpcm.x is already blocked, there is a method to restore to a normal state:

1. press Ctrl-Z to send pcm.x into background
2. killall -9 pcm.x
3. rm -rf /dev/shm/sem.Intel*


Ok,thanksforyour support.


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