Problems with 512 cores or more.

Problems with 512 cores or more.

Hello all!When I try to run an application with 512 cores (or more) I get this MPI error:[33] MPI startup(): ofa fabric is not available and fallback fabric is not enabledI'm usingI_MPI_FABRICS=shm:ofa, but with DAPL I also get an MPI error.Using 256 cores or less I got no errors, it works like a charm.The system is a SGI cluster with quad-socket AMD Interlagos nodes (64 cores per node). Each node as two Infiniband ports and theI_MPI_OFA_NUM_PORTS=2 is enabled.Thank you in advance!

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Hi Adalberto,

To answer your question we need to get more information.
Could you please provide the command line and environment variables you set before mpirun.
Add "-env I_MPI_DEBUG 6" to the command line and send us the output (you can send a private message if don't want to share your information with all readers - see option "mark this post private" below).


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