hkpAabbPhantom castRay wont accept hkpShapeRayCastInput

hkpAabbPhantom castRay wont accept hkpShapeRayCastInput

From the documentation (pg332,Notes On The Cast Ray Function)"We provide both an input hkpShapeRayCastInputstructure and a collector hkpShapeRayCastOutput structure."
I'm trying to limit the area that is raycasted.I'm using a hkpAabbPhantom to do this.Its constructed like this.hkAabb info; info.m_min = hkVector4( -mPhantomSide, -mPhantomSide, -mPhantomSide); info.m_max = hkVector4( mPhantomSide, mPhantomSide, mPhantomSide) ; mPhantomShape = new hkpAabbPhantom(info);I then calculate the ray, and try and call mPhantomShape->castRay(), only to be told there are no overloads for the arguments.It expects the worldInputs and outputs.mRay = mCameraSystem->GetCamera()->getCameraToViewportRay(mCrosshairX, mCrosshairY); direction = mRay.getDirection(); endItem = direction * mPickupRayDistance; hkpShapeRayCastInput input; input.m_from.setTransformedInversePos( mCharacterController->GetHavokCharacter()->getRigidBody()->getTransform(), UtilityFunctions::toHKVec(start)); input.m_to.setTransformedInversePos( mCharacterController->GetHavokCharacter()->getRigidBody()->getTransform(), UtilityFunctions::toHKVec(endItem)); hkpShapeRayCastOutput output; if(mItem == NULL) { mPhantomShape->castRay(input,output);I'm obviously doing something silly. What is it?

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NowmPhantomShape->getCollidable()->getShape()->castRay(input,output);does get me the method I want , but as I knew before I did it, hkpAabbPhantom returns NULL when queried for its shape. Leads me to the question, do I add a shape to it? Seems kinda weird to do that.

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hkpAabbPhantom does not actually associate a shape with it's collidable (to prevent you from doing exactly that :P). You already set it up correctly with an hkAabb.
You want to use hkpWorldRayCastInput and hkpWorldRayCastOutput (or an hkpRayHitCollector) instead. This is because hkpAabbPhantom is generally a used to replace hkpWorld::rayCast() for frequent, short ray casts.Cheers,Tyler

Thanks, probably most users could see that. Add me to the "Found that passage in the documentation, confusing pile".

Final thing, how can I move the ray into the hkpAabb's local space when I can't callmPhantomShape->getCollidable()->getTransform()Theres a special exception to tell me thats a bad idea.

The ray should be in world space. Sorry if my previous wording was misleading (now edited to change "local" to "short").Cheers,Tyler

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