"Warning : Invalid scale/skew in initial pose of bone ... " exportin Skyrim animation

"Warning : Invalid scale/skew in initial pose of bone ... " exportin Skyrim animation

Sorry for this noob question (amateur animator, migrating from Blender to Max/Havok), but I can't find any hint in the doc

Iimported Skyrim skeleton and animation (Max 2010 32 bit, HavokPcXsContentTools_2011-2-0_20110916), made some changes, and everything seems fine in Max, and the Preview-Tool. But when I try to export I get warnings in the Create Skeleton filter (manual, Root-Node)

0xabba99f4] Warning : Invalid scale/skew in initial pose of bone ....

for all bones of the skeleton. Similar messages in the Animation filter, and the resulting hkx file reults in a frozen pose in-game.

How can I fix that? Or better: where in the docs can I find what I made wrong.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi,The warning indicates a non-uniform scale in a bone. This means one or more of the bones has been stretched/scaled differently along the 3 axes.The technical details are discussed in the docs under: Havok Animation/Animation Runtime/Using hkQsTransform"In particular, many modelling tools allow the use of skewed transforms, since they use 4x4 matrix-based transformations. The Havok Animation Toolchain will always warn when performing conversions to hkQsTransform where the original 4x4 transform contains skew (as that skew will be lost)."The exporter should handle this be omitting the skew part of the transform. Since you say it works in the preview tool it sounds like this is working correctly.What changes are you making to the model? Does it export fine (and work in-game) without any changes?If a non-changed export does work, you could try exporting after any scaling changes you make to the model's skeleton to see where the warning may be coming from.If exporting without any changes to the model or animation fails, then it is probably a problem with the export options. You'll need to make sure you're exporting the model and animation to the exact format that the game expects.I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions.-Tyler

Thank you very much, Tyler. I wanted to let you know, that my problem is solved, and I'm able to make (or at least modify) animations for Skyrim now. I was just to naive when I thought it's simply possible to animate with 3DS and HCT only. There are some steps missing which hopefully will be part of Bethesda's Creation Kit.

Acouple of really ingenious guys at the Bethesda's forum found a way to make animations, whichrequires additional tooling andmodified skeletons: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1293826-rel-havok-animation-converter.

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