License question regarding TBB used by OpenCV

License question regarding TBB used by OpenCV

Hello,I have a question regarding TBB's license.As far as I understand, the "free version" is GPL, not LGPL, which means that I am not allowed to embed tbb.dll in a commercial software. I would need a commercial TBB license (even if I don't care about TBB's commercial support). Right ?Now, the default precompiled builds of OpenCV 2.3.1 (which is BSD licensed) require TBB to run. If my understanding is correct, it does not change anything : I cannot distribute a commercial software, linking with such an OpenCV build, and embeding tbb.dll, if I apply only to TBB's Open source license. Right ?But in that particular case, my commercial program would not directly link with tbb.dll ; it is weakly used (but required) by OpenCV. Is it a special case of license use ?The TBB's license FAQ is rather poor regarding what is allowed or not. I hope someone will be able to give some extra explanations.Regards,Pierre Chatelier

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Note that the license is GPL with runtime exception.

What if I'm using OpenCV as static library and now TBB being directly called throughmy proprietary software. Will this runtime exception stillbe applied?

I did correct the oversight above, but please draw your own conclusions.

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