Error running CnC on Ubuntu

Error running CnC on Ubuntu

I tried to install CnC on my ubuntu machine. However, I am getting some errors when I try to test a sample.When I run "source", this adds the path to the environment. However, when I try "cnc fib.cnc", it returns the following error:bash: /opt/intel/cnc/0.6/bin/ia32/cnc: No such file or directory.There is a cnc file in the directory.Also, running "/opt/intel/tbb/3.0/ia32/cc3.4.4_libc2.3.4_kernel2.6.9/bin/"does not add any variables to the path.Thanks for your help

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Para obtener más información sobre las optimizaciones del compilador, consulte el aviso sobre la optimización. and add variables to the environment, which you can see with the 'env' command on the command line.
However, simply running those scripts will not change your global environment, because they are run in a temporary local environment. You have to specify that you want the scripts to run in the global environement by using either:
source tbbvars.shor . on your *nix system, I'm not certain which ubuntu uses)


Thank you for trying out CnC. In order to find out what's wrong with your installation, could you try the following for me? In a new shell,
1. Do "cd bin/ia32" in the directory where your CnC is installed.
2. Do "source"
3. Do "which cnc"
and let me know what theshell replies to the"which" command.

Thanks. I was using Ubuntu 11.04. However, CnC was not tested on that system. I then installed version 10.04 and go some results.Thank you.

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