Intel ATOM based Embedded application examples

Intel ATOM based Embedded application examples

I am proposing a course on Embedded application development with ATOM processor for the undergraduate engineering students of computer science at their 6th semester level in my University. We have kits with Intel E6xx series processor which can be booted from Fedora linux. I wish tohave a list of some simple programming exercises which a student can takeup and solve on these kits using C/C++ compliersand get to know the "salient features of ATOM based processor and its usefullness in the embedded application development". I will be greatful, if someone can help me in this regard. The kits have standard USB ports , ethernet port and serial port.
-Prof. Niranjan N.Chiplunkar
NMAMIT, Nitte, India

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I am interested in the same type of information (such as programming GPIO ports) for our students also. It sounds as if you have the Inforce boards, we have similar kits.
-Jesse Sherwood, University of Missouri- Kansas City

Dear Professor Niranjan,I think this is a great initiative that you are taking up at the undergraduate level, I will surely try and put up some example for the same.Thank YouAbdul Ahad

Embedded systems find applications in robotics,satellites(to maintain orientation in satellites),security systems,automotive industry(in automatic transmission of the new ferraris).You can give a demo of anything.I specialize in embedded including FPGA and ASIC,mail me for any help.

Harsh Prateek,CEO and Owner,Mamba International

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