Static objects and collisions

Static objects and collisions

HiI was wondering if someone could help me. I knwo this is more than likely been asked before but I haven't been able to find it. I am creating a game which needs me to have more control over the moment than just applying a velocity to it. So I am creating a fixed object and moving it using setPosition. My question is how can I will get this to stop it moving if theres a collision. I was thinking that phontom objects could do the trick by checking if theres a collision in the way before setting the position.Thanks

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Hi, sounds a bit similar to this thread:

There are many different ways to test for collisions with Havok, including phantoms. That thread will point you to demos that show some of the different options, I would recommend taking a look to see what will work best for your game. It also describes a method for updating the positions of your objects that is more efficient than using setPosition.


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