Unable to have a rigid body with multiple geometry pieces

Unable to have a rigid body with multiple geometry pieces

I am trying to create a rigid body object comprised of multiple pieces of geometry and multiple independent hkShapes. I've tried using "Create Rigid Body using Proxy(s)" and it works as shown in the tutorials only if you have one unified mesh attached to the hkRigidBody node.

Ideally in production I would like to have the hkRigidBody node adhere to multiple geometry nodes and use multiple hkShapes.

Is there some way of achieving this? I've tried grouping all the geometry and assigning it to the hkRigidBody node but that doesn't work. I'm using Maya as well.


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Try using a hkpListShape - check the demos at Physics/Api/Collide/Shapes/Simple/Aggregate/

If you're wondering how to create this from the content tools, have a look at the Content Tools Manual (I think you should get it in the content tools install).
In Maya:PhysicsTools/RigidBodies you can see 'Creating a Compound Rigid Body'

Basically, select your bodies and choose the 'create compound rigid body' button from the Havok toolbar - this is the button marked with 'RB' and two small dangling blobs.


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