Sensor Value Monitoring via AMT

Sensor Value Monitoring via AMT

Hi,I was just wonder if it is possible through the AMT / AMT SDK to read / monitor current system temperature (CPU & System), voltages, etc.... ?I have looked through the AMT SDK documentation and there seems to be ways of detecting changes in the "State" or a sensor but no way of reading their current values.If this is not possibly what would be the recommended way of reading these values in a C++ application running locally on the system?Regards,Zac Shenker

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Hi Zac,
Thanks for your post. We are still discussing this question, but as of right now I don't believe there is anyway to do this. It seems like in generalprogrammingthere are only a couple of different ways...for instance WMI (Winodws Management Instrumentation). I'm not certain how useful that would be to you, however. Maybe some of our other forum users might have some suggestions. If we find a better response, I'll reply again.


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