tutorial fails to build

tutorial fails to build

Apologies if I am in the wrong forum. I am a first time user.

I am trying to run tachyon_conf using Visual Studio 10. I see only .sln file under VC8, unlike other tutorials on parallelization that had three .sln files for VS5, VS8 and VS10. When I select it, the VS does some kind of conversion. When I do step 3 on page 3 (build) of the evaluation guide, I get one failure.

Is this a known problem? Any guidance?


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Hi Ramu,

If you are working on Windows 7, you have to extract to tachyon_insp_xe.zip to your folder, e.g. c:\temp. Note that if you try to covert VS2008.sln to VS2010 .sln under c:\program files (x86)\intel\Inspector XE 2011, it willcause converting failure (UAC issue).

Regards, Peter

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