Intel AMT 6.0 Problem

Intel AMT 6.0 Problem

Hello guys,

I have been having a problem with a couple of lenovo's M90p desktops with Intel's AMT 6.0.

The problem is that after I enable AMT and configure it, it works when the computers are on, so I can log into AMT using the htt://ipadress:1699 from another computer in the networkand it works fine, but once I turn off the pc AMT is not accessible. Do you guys have any ideas why this is happening?? It's like the AMT turns off with the computer. I will aprreciate the help.

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You need to set the power policy to #2 to allow AMT to work in the Sx states.


Will try that, thank you robert!

Power Policy was set to option # 2 since I configured it.

While the system is turned on, get into the WebUI and set the sytem to respond to pings. Then shut down the system and see if it will still respond to pings.


Roger I set the system to respond to ping on the WebUI. Once the computer is off the ping states that destination host isunreachable but as soon as I turn it back on I can ping it with no problems.

Thank you for your reply.

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