ICS Installation problems

ICS Installation problems

I have experienced some problems installing ics_2011.0.013
1. installer does not copy compilers and mkl libraries to the nodes (no problem on the master node)2.iccvars.sh refers to non existing directories e.g."/opt/intel/ics/2011.0.013/fc/bin/ifortvars.sh"suppose to load fortran compiler however the new location for the compiler is "compilerpro orcomposerxe" but not "fc"I wonder if the installer has been updated and if other issues arise if I fix them manually.Ideally I would like to be able to load ics withmodules environment. Is there any fast solution except rewriting this scripts manually to modulefiles or tracing changes to ENV.

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Hi zuch,

Could you please submit a tracker at Premier Support against "Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux" and attach your installation log file?


Hi Dmitry,Thank you for your reply.I will forward it to system administrator since he has Premier Support accountbut he does not do Linux clusters.
Regards, Z.

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