Duplicated input set

Duplicated input set

Is it ok to assume that there is no duplicated input set?

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We would try to have unique input sets. Not sure what your question is and why a duplicate input set is a concern. Can you please explain and indicate if you need more info or clarity?


I've been wondering about this too. For example, a file with 10-million identical sets.In such a case, introducing some kind of result caching might be beneficial. But I'm hoping the judges will ensure the sets are all distinct.

When a duplicated input set is detected, I have two ways to go: 1) reuse the result which is already computed or 2) redo the computation again. Which way to do is determined based on the cost of each option. If I know for sure that all the input sets are unique, I can eliminate these considerations all together. I hope it is the case.

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