SSD and CPU power saving managment

SSD and CPU power saving managment

Hello to everybody,first of all sorry if my thread isn't in the right section , i didn't find a SSD topic.I'm a university researcher, i bought recently a X25 M G2 for my laptop, a DELL XPS with a core i7 740 QM based on HM57 chipset.I read in many forum (,2170-6.html)that many intel CPU have a power saving feature integrated called "C States", that throttle down cpu clock to save energy, but this energy save cut down SSD performance.The only way to have the best benchmarks from a SSD is to enter windows 7 safe mode, where C States are disabled, or keep running a CPU stress program, like WPrime.I would like to know if Intel is aware of this fact, and if there's a way to switch on/off C states, because in my bios there isn't a power manager section.Thanks for attention

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You are in the worng place for ythis type of discussion. Power Management features are available in your Operating System.


Kindly check the performance setup in your system under control panel

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