About Core2 Duo E7300 and hyper threading

About Core2 Duo E7300 and hyper threading

HiI have install CentOS on a Core2 Duo E7300 platform, while I was using the command "cat /proc/cpuinfo" to see my cpu information, and I found that it shows my E7300 cpu support hyper threading technology(see pic) , but according to the spec it shoudn't!So is this means my OS goes wrong?Or E7300 really support HT?THX!!

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linux doesn't check here whether HT is actually supported, it simply reports the CPUID bit set. Did you check the reference on the subject of how little this really tells you? You may be interested in running irqbalance -debug . If there is actually HT, /proc/cpuinfo will show you another numbered processor with the same physical and core ids.

Like Tim said, you are seeing the HyperThreading bit. It's a feature in a lot of processors but it is disabled in most - yours included. Not the type of disabled feature that can be enabled, either. It is disabled at the factory during the manufacturing process, if I am not mistken. Happy exploring!


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