Trouble installing WS08 as Guest OS

Trouble installing WS08 as Guest OS

I'm having some trouble installing WS08 as the guest OS. I have configured the virtual machine according to the required specs, and set it to install from an ISO file that I have on the host harddrive.

When the virtual machine powers up, it tries to connect to a PXE server (as I understand) and displays the following error:

"PXE M0(zero)F: Existing Intel PXE ROM.

Operating System not found"

I read through the help and support files and it suggests I install VMware Tools together with the OS. Logically, I would think to install this after the OS had installed. Is this correct? I also do not have the installation ISO or file for VMware Tools, where can I download this?

I not sure whether this would in fact be the solution to the problem. Any ideas or guidelines?

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We recommend seeking support from VMware* for this issue. Their web site is at

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