ME firmware upgrade

ME firmware upgrade

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Hi All,
I'm using Intel Desktop Board DQ57TM. If i do bios update means, will it update ME firmware.
What are methods available for ME firmware update?
If i have AMT 5.x, is it possible to upgrade to AMT 6.x.
Do we have any option to remotely update bios, ME firmware?


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Hello Mani,
-Updating the BIOS will only update the ME firmware if it includes a change for the ME Firmware.
-You can get information on the methods available to perform Desktop boardBIOS updates here.
-It is not possible to upgrade from one AMT major version to another because there are hardware requirements across AMT releases.
-Not sure what you mean by remote update of BIOS. If you take a look at the methods above you may see what you want. I'm thinking thatyou should be able to create a bundle that you send out like a patch that is executed on the OS of the client.

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