Register now for Webinar: Intel ArBB Code Tips II

Register now for Webinar: Intel ArBB Code Tips II

IntelArBBCode Tips II A compilation of best practices and useful hints

Thanks to our user base and increasing community we extend the first Intel Array Building Blocks (IntelArBB)Code Tips webinar. In this webinar, we discuss best practices including:

  • How to develop in immediate mode and later toggle to production/JIT code
  • How to get initial data into a container (memory mapping and binding)
  • How to update the values of a container according to an index

We share code examples, background information, and insight to our design decisions. This webinar is great for developers who want to have a fresh start after some initial steps, or people who are preparing to have a look at Intel ArBB. It is also a great chance to ask questions of Intel ArBB engineers and experts during and after this webinar.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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You can download the webinar recording and presentation materials here.Thanks,--Amanda

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