Systems with TXT/TPM support

Systems with TXT/TPM support

Hi,Is there any information on which mainboards and CPUs will work with tboot and flicker?We currently have aDQ57TM and i7-860 combo with latest BIOS version. It is supposed to support TPM,TXT and VT-d. But tboot just freezes after SENTER. Flicker comes back from senter with general protection fault and PCRs are not extended.We observe similar behavior for MSI P55A-G55(for which MSI kindly provided a BIOS patch that sets the MSR_IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL to enable SMX).

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All motherboards and systems that support Intel vPro support TXT. Intel does not maintain a list of such systems, since you can determine that from the OEM/ODM materials for such systems. The typical cause for TXT not working on Intel vPro systems is BIOS problems. These can usually be fixed by using the latest version of BIOS.

For the DQ57TM motherboard, have you verified that you are using the latest BIOS version? Have you also seen if the following applies to your system:

Can you please provide us with the BIOS version you're using, the SINIT ACM info, and the tboot serial log so that we can better help debug this?

Jospeh Cihula
Intel Corp.

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