AMT configured for DHCP and Host OS configured for Static IP

AMT configured for DHCP and Host OS configured for Static IP

Is AMT using DHCP and the host OS using a Static IP a supported configuration? I would give AMT and the OS separate hostnames.

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This configuration is not supported. AMT and the Host OS use the same network device so this setup would result in unpredictable network availability.

However if you use IPV6 (which is supported in AMT 6.0 and later) this would not be a limitation.

If you want separate hostnames, you may consider using static IPs for both.

Thanks for your previous answer. Let me share my broader requirement:

We would like to ship our systems with AMT enabled. Our host operating system requires a static IP address. My goal would be to completely configure AMT prior to shipping systems. This way our field people dont need to go into the AMT pre-boot configurations screens. Would this work:

1) Operating system using a static IP using IPV4. This is a must have.

2) AMT configured to use IPV6 DHCP with unique hostname.

This way there is no need for our field people to do AMT configuration.

Let me know.

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Well, that is not a supported/validated configuration.

I would recommend havinga Static IP for AMT with a differnt hostname.

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