Divide and Conquer Example

Divide and Conquer Example

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I'm working my way through the CnC tutorial. For the Divide and Conquer example, I've recreated the graph shown in Figure 9-3 (p. 53) (see attached graph.gif). When I translate the graph, I get a different text representation than what is shown in the Tutorial. My results are attached in my_results.gif and they don't match the code on page 53.

Does my interpretation of Figure 9-3 look correct? Is there some other step in Graph Builder I missed that would create the code given? Or was the code example something that was written by hand? Can I use Graph Builder to get something closer to what the example code looks like? Any help or explanation would be most appreciated.


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All of the sample code in the CnC distribution is based on hand-written .cnc files

Currently, the GraphBuilder is lacking some expressivity. For example, Producer/consumer relations in the graphbuilder have noway to specify that (Step: t) produces [Item : leftChild(t)], it only can specify that (Step) produces [Item].

Hope this helps! --Melanie

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