Aero compatibility (shadow paging, SMP, x86)

Aero compatibility (shadow paging, SMP, x86)

I have implemented VMM with shadow paging. Works fine but there is a compatibility problem with Windows Aero.When VMM is started with Windows Vista/7 x86 as a guest, the Aero stops to work (windows stop to be transparent). A message "The Desktop Window Manager has encountered a fatal error (0x8898009b)" appears in the event log.Only SMP systems are affected, bug does not happen when guest OS is runned in UP mode.I heard this is the common problem and major VM vendors have had to deal with it.Can you suggest possible reasons of the problem?Thank you!

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I was told that Windows Aero requires 3D graphics support. QEMU VGA in virtual platform does not support Direct X, thus Aero is turned off.

David Ott

Several existing VMM implementations (VMware Workstation, Parallels, VirtualBox) are compatible with Aero.What should be implemented in VMM to provide Direct X support?

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