One big reason to implement support for MacOS X!

One big reason to implement support for MacOS X!

Hi,I was thinking about MacOS X support and I believe you must support because basically Apple OpenCL CPU implementation has a big limitation it only admits workgroups of 1 element so really can't execute programs optimized to be run on GPUs where workgroups are minimally some multiple of wavefront size (AMD speaking) or warp size (Nvidia speaking) so tipically >=128 at least..Also lots of CUDA code avaiable when ported to OpenCL will not run on MacOSX CPU backend for this very reason..this renders the backend useless so I hope you port the backend..Also you have advanced autovectorization,etc..As in Macos X there isn't any ICD model I wouldn't have any objection linking to a Intel OCL library if that allows to use your efficient implementation..Thanks

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Intel does not comment on features and availability of third party products. We
are aware of Apple plans and evaluating support on our CPU-based platforms for
different Operating Systems. We suggest you speak directly with any such third
party for direct comment.

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