SDK for PD 2.5.1 ?

SDK for PD 2.5.1 ?


on my CF-H1 the mca platform driver has the version 2.5.1.
According to the release notes it has been released on July 29, 2009.

The Intel download center offers the SDK versions 2.1 (4/27/2009), or 3.0 (2/26/2010). Can I use the SDK 3.0, do I have to stick to 2.1 or can a SDK for 2.5 be downloaded somewhere?

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You PD and your SDK need to be the same version. You can contact you hardware MFG for an updated PD.

John C

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Hi kallocain,

As you pointed out, there is not a 2.5 version of the MCA SDK. So in your case where you have the v2.5 MCA Platform Driver (PD)installed on your system you should use the MCA SDK v2.1. You should not use MCA SDK v3.0.

As a general rule, you should use the same version of MCA SDK and MCA PD (Platform Drvier). However, if there are not equal versions, then theguideline is to use a lower version of the MCA SDK when compared to the MCA PD. So in your case you could use v2.01 or v2.1 of the MCA SDK, but we would recommend the 2.1


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