Why I don't like this contest

Why I don't like this contest

So, in phase 1, we're just getting judged on how well we write? I have an actual game physicsengine that I've worked hard on. It can simulate particle fluidsjust as fast as any CUDA program while running completely on the CPU, not to mention lots of other things that can't be done on the GPU, and now all we're being judged on is text and a picture? And if we don't get past the text part we don't even get to submit a demo? At least last year we could put up videos.

Here's my youtube channel with videos of my physics engine

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First of all, I believe there is no problem with providing a video in a link form.
Secondly, physics engine itself is obviuosly not a game, and the entries in this contest are mostly judged on how well they DO perform, not how well they CAN perform.
And last but not least, Im sure you would be judged fairly If you have really done a good job with your project.

Thanks for the good comments. You definitely can submit a video with your entry. It will only serve to make your entry stronger. This contest does focus on game ideas, not necessarily the components that support game development (such as a physics engine). The first phase of the contest will select compelling game ideas and then the finalists selected will be asked to complete a demo. Final judging will be based upon the performance of the demo executable. There are a substantial number of entries this year so the more compelling your original entry, the better chance you will have to be selected.

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