vtune rdc not sending kernel modules

vtune rdc not sending kernel modules

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I am using vtune remote agent and vtune analyzer both running on linux. When vtune analyzer gets binaries from remote agent, it is not able to get the kernel modules. It gives a pop-up window with message "vtserver:root@" not found. Also "choose file from different location" is greyed out. What to do there. I do not want copy these kernel modules to vtune analyzer machine manually.

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Hi, Anybody knows answer for this. I am stuck. After sampling activity has been run, when I am analyzing the data, analyzer is able to get the binaries and libraries from the remote agent except the kernel modules. And when analyzer displays the message ""vtserver:root@ not found", the option to choose remote machine is greyed out (disabled). Anybody has any idea on this. Thanks

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Please post your question on VTune Performance Analyzer product forum:

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