(solved) Model Rig and Animation

(solved) Model Rig and Animation

I am having an interesting issue where my skinned animation isnt working due to an offset between the rig and animation.

I have loaded the sample rig "hkRig.hkx", which has the root node at 0,0,0 as expected.
I load the sample model "hkLowResSkin.hkx", and as a static model, I can rotate around the origin and it seems that it is also at 0,0,0 where the root is between the feet.. also as expected.

However when I apply a run animation "hkRunLoop.hkx" there seems to be a disparity in where the animation believes the rig is, and when I view in the renderer, the model has very exaggerated transforms.

I know I am missing a step somewhere, to attach the rig to where the animation believes it is... but I can't seem to find it.

At around 4:30AM I figured out that it is a bad idea to cache off a rig to use as a reference pose. Instead, calling using:
m_skinBindings[skinNum]->m_boneFromSkinMeshTransforms[ boneNum ] (From the Hardware Skinning Tutorial)
which is already inverted and ready to mult into the transformed matrix works out much better.

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