XGL on 945GM chipset (950GMA)

XGL on 945GM chipset (950GMA)

Moving following post from another thread, as this seemed like a separate discussion.

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I am considering buying a MSI 12.1" notebook in near or middle future
(depends on how soon I have the money for it .

The problem is, that there is the option, that one can either buy it
with an Intel CPU and go with the 945GM chipset or stick with an AMD
with the ATI RS 485 M (XPERT 1100) chipset and both have integrated

Ok, I don't want to play 3d games on this laptop, but XGL would be nice
and therefore I want to know if anybody here has experience with these

The Intel 945GM features a 950GMA, which seems to be supperted quite
good by open source drivers, but the question is, if these work with XGL
and if so, how good is the performance.

The ATI RS 485 M features a X300 class integrated graphics adapter, but
as far I found out, there are different types of "X300 class" chips,
which are supported by the binary ATI drivers more or less differently
and how good these work with XGL.

So I would be grateful if anybody has an advice for me.

will revert back with your query answered.

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