Intel GMA500 FreeBSD 8.0 Drivers

Intel GMA500 FreeBSD 8.0 Drivers

Any status on Intel GMA500 drivers for FreeBSD 8.0?
On the Linux side things are pretty poor. I'm hoping to see a FreeBSD driver sometime soon.Thanks,z3r0

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The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500 driver for Intel Atom
processor for Mobile Internet Devices supports the following operating


  • Windows 7* (32-bit versions)
  • Windows Vista* (32-bit versions)
  • Windows XP* (32-bit versions)


Operating System:

Windows Vista*, Windows XP Starter Edition*,
Windows 7*, Linux*, Windows XP Professional*, Windows XP Home Edition*


I think you are right because i got the same problem.


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Yeah, all distro's are having the same problem! Intel have passed the buck onto the Distro's and I've had a few words with the Ubuntu Developers, who have explained what the problem is, and that it's down to Intel to sort it out not the distro's!!! Ubuntu 10.04 is totally unusable and I've had to go back to 9.10 which is only supported till April next year, and I will not install any Microsoft operating system after April, I'd rather throw my Netbook in the bin!
Intel, you say that you suppoort Linux, but as it stands at the moment, it doesn't seem like it, so how about putting your words into action and supporting Linux with a driver that the distro's can work with, and get PowerVR to release something also.

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