Which motherboard with a I5 750 if I want to run Windows 7 and XP Mode ?

Which motherboard with a I5 750 if I want to run Windows 7 and XP Mode ?

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Subject line says it all. I'm going to be building a new desktop with an I5 750, and I want to run Windows 7 XP mode.

All this virtualization is new to me.

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Well, in your case it is really doesn't matter what board to choose. VT-x, which is required by "XP mode", is a processor feature and not a board feature, so it will work on any board which supports i5-750. Pay attention, "XP mode" (and i5-750 as well) doesn't support I/O virtualization so applications which require direct access to GPU (such as 3D games) won't work in XP mode.

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In order to use Windows XP Mode, you need to make sure your computer meets certain system requirements. If your computer doesn't meet the requirements, Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode won't work correctly, even though you might be able to download and install them. Before you begin, do the following:

Find out whether your computer's CPU is capable of hardware-assisted virtualization. To check, go to the Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC support website and download the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool. This utility can check whether your computer will work with Windows XP Mode.

If you receive an error message saying "There is no hardware-assisted virtualization support in the system," then your computer's CPU doesn't support hardware-assisted virtualization. For information about an update that can help, see Why am I receiving errors about hardware-assisted virtualization (HAV) when I try to use Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC?

If your computer's CPU supports hardware-assisted virtualization, make sure it's turned on. You might need to turn on virtualization settings in your computer's basic input/output system (BIOS).

If you receive an error message saying "Hardware-assisted virtualization is disabled," this means your computer supports hardware-assisted virtualization, but you need to change settings in your computer's BIOS to turn on hardware-assisted virtualization.

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You do not want to run Crossfire on that motherboard since it runs its
second PCI-E slot at 4x. This motherboard is the same price and runs
both slots at 8x when in Crossfire mode.

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