Core Parking on Windows 7 and Parallel Programming

Core Parking on Windows 7 and Parallel Programming


While doing the ProgrammingWithOpenMP PPT slides from the Intel Parallel Studio Workshop courseware we notice that while executing the OpenMP code on Windos 7. 64 bit with Pentium i7 processor we could not get more than 4 CPUs active. We always had 4 CPUs parked and it did not matter how many threads we set or how large the code was made to run, it never got the parked CPUs to come out and work.

Any idea how this protocol works on Windows 7 and how we can guarantee we can use all available Cores?


Professor Jose Villeta

EE-CSCI 452 Game Hardware Architectures

Univerity of Southern California

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Dear Prof. Jose Viletta,

according to Microsoft (source) you can disable CPU/core parking if you switch Windows in "High Performance" mode instead of "Balanced Mode".


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