Tracing tool?

Tracing tool?


I hope someone can help me with a problem. I am searching for a tracing tool for core-to-core communication on the same CPU. I don't want to optimize or parallelize a self-written program, for this purpose existing software like VTune is usable, I think. I am looking for a tracing tool that works in the background of an OS and traces all core-to-core communication while a normal user is working. I want to know when and how often this communication takes place e.g. when the user watches a movie, encodes a video or does something else. This tool should work under Linux but Windows is also acceptable.
At this time I want to trace the communication of a Intel Core 2 Duo. Later I will do the same tracing on a Core I7.

Does anybody know or can recommend such a tool? If such a tool does not exist some hints how I can get this communication are also welcome.

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I hope this link help you
"MATS: Multicore Adaptive Trace Selection"

Best regards.

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