MedApp buttons

MedApp buttons

I can't seem to capture MedAppButtonAClick events on a Motion C5 MCA. I'm using version 2.0.0 PD (on the MCA) and SDK (on my workstation).

I've prepared a simple test case. It is a Delphi 2007 application and uses the COM interface. It creates a single IButtons object, creates a window, sets the IButtons object's MainWindowHandle property to the handle of the new window, and calls RegisterEvent once with the appropriate event identifier constant.

When I register for BarcodesScanned events, the test application works in the same way on the C5 as on the developer workstation: scanning a barcode triggers my event handler.

When I register for MedAppButtonAClick events, the test application works as expected on the developer workstation (pressing button A triggers my event handler) but on the C5, pressing button A brings up the following message box (as if I had pressed the Function button and then the A button in order to change the screen orientation):

Tablet Buttons
The setting you requested cannot be supported.
Open Display in Control Panel, adjust the settings, and then try to change orientation again.

Is this a known feature? Or should I be able to receive MedApp button click events by registering for them, in the same way that I can for BarcodesScanned events?

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Fixed - Button A had indeed been set up to change screen orientation. I just needed to run the "Tablet and Pen Settings" control panel applet and reset button A to its default configuration: launch application "%SystemRoot%system32mcbttnlnch.exe -appa". (Had to unconfigure "Prevent access to control panel" using gpedit.msc first.)

Thanks rcopley for passing on the solution.


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